Vol. 4 (2024)

A Snapshot Analysis of the Data Governance Job Market in The United Kingdom

Chimoa Adeomi
Robert Gordon University

Published 2024-06-27


  • Data governance,
  • job market analysis,
  • web scraping,
  • text mining,
  • United Kingdom

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Adeomi , C. (2024). A Snapshot Analysis of the Data Governance Job Market in The United Kingdom. Reflective Professional, 4. https://doi.org/10.48525/rp-2024-id155


Data governance is a relatively new and emerging field that has gained prominence in the data driven world of today. This study focuses on analysing the current state of the data governance job market in the United Kingdom to provide insights that may guide the career decisions of data governance professionals. The data used for the study focused on “data governance” job postings on LinkedIn. The collected data was analysed to identify the region, city, company, and industries with the highest number of job postings. In addition, the most frequent terms in the job titles and the job descriptions were identified using a bag-of-words approach that highlighted the most relevant words. The study found that England and London had the highest number of postings in country and city while Information and communication industry was found to have the highest number of postings. The advertised job titles were wide and varied and aligned with the job roles identified in literature. Also, the categorisation of the most frequent terms across the top five industries indicated a focus on the data governance “implement” action in the job descriptions. However, a key limitation is that the data was collected from only one source in a single research session which leaves room for further research using multiple sources and deeper text mining techniques.